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Machida Week!

It’s common knowledge that Shark Week is the best week.  But, good people,  I humbly offer you: Machida Week! Ok fine, you don’t care.  That’s cool, because I don’t give a shit.  It’s Machida Week, and if you have a ...

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The Art of typographsmanship: logo.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always enjoyed putting letters inside images. It’s like sudoku, but without the pesky math. So no one can prove you wrong! Unless you are. Also a mustache seemed the most fisticuffsy. We have made ...

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Standing with Anderson

In response to my learned colleague Larry’s well reasoned, honest response to Anderson Silva falling to earth, I respond with hyperbole and sensationalism. If there’s one thing I know about arguing, when confronted by sound logic you don’t like, just ...

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Asked and Answered: UFC 162

Last week I asked some questions of UFC 162, and it was kind enough to answer them:   Well, Mike Pierce, brutally knocking out David Mitchell is a good start. The fight wasn’t gangbusters up until that point, but Mitchell ...

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Right in the Kisser: Thoughts on Weidman Silva.

  I think we need to get one thing straight about Saturday night: Chris Weidman beat Anderson Silva. It’s wasn’t arrogance, or hubris, or showboating, or some act of sabotage. Chris Weidman beat Anderson Silva. Seeing Anderson Silva lose is ...

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Wrestle: Activate! The One Step Path to the UFC Middleweight Belt

  Cast your minds, fight heads, back nearly a year. July 7th, 2012, in fact. Chael Sonnen is standing in the Octagon at the MGM Grand, hands on his knees, peering down the tunnel. Anderson Silva is walking down that ...

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