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The Art of Fisticuffsmanship: Causal T’s part 1

As I said in the first “Art” post, I am a fan of t shirts. I collect them, some of them are among my most prized possessions, my fianc√© has strongly encouraged me to get rid of some of the ...

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What to Watch for at UFC 163 (Greek God Edition)

UFC 163 can’t happen soon enough.  Since I lack either the political clout or time altering powers to make it happen this instant, let’s talk.  Specifically, lets talk about what to keep an eye on tomorrow.  Since I’m bored, how ...

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Machida Week: Urine For a Treat

Several years ago, light heavyweight karate god Lyoto the Dragon Machida had a problem.  He couldn’t stop coughing.  No medicine could cure him.  No fancy, new-fangled  doctor had an answer for the ailing, congested Dragon.  Doing what any of us ...

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