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I consider the moment in between the fourth and fifth rounds of the rematch between Robbie Lawler an Rory MacDonald to be the most intense in UFC history. The fourth, like the second and third before it, has been violent. ...

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International Fight Week Day 2: Polish Witchcraft

International Fight Week Day 2 I’ve seen lots of fights live. UFC 200 will be the 12th major MMA show I’ve attended, and I’ve seen some pretty great moments involving some of the best fighters the world over. That’s not ...

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International Fight Week Day 1: WHAT?!

The Killing of Frankenberry and Anderson Fucking Silva There’s nothing like three fight cards in a row to remind us that prizefighting is an insane, chaotic, fickle monster. Yesterday was the perfect encapsulation of what makes MMA both the most ...

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UFC International Fight Week Day 0

  Well, here it is. International Fight Week. I’m not sure how something that’s been my general focus for the last month could have snuck up on me, but it has. I’m heading to the airport in twelve hours, and ...

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