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About Fisticuffsmanship

Fisticuffsmanship: noun (ˈfis-ti-ˌkəfs-mənship)

1:  The qualitative analysis of fight sports through the measurement of a given participant(s) level of wupassery, badassitude, violentificense, or other made up word hybrids fused together with the force of a Jon Jones elbow. See Also: Brandon Vera’s Face

2: A blog dedicated to all things UFC and other less ultimate forms of mixed martial arts, who’s contributors include:

Brad “Bitchmittens”, who is good on paper in that he makes MMA related images and forms adequately coherent thoughts with words. Sometimes.

Larry “Deepwater”, who does this not because he can’t do anything else, but because he can’t do anything else. A producer and consumer of MMA journalism, the precision of his analysis is precise, unless it’s not.

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