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Art of Fisticuffsmanship: TRTtor Shirt

Reduced Sex Drive?
Decreased Energy?
Unwanted Body Changes?
Mood Changes?
Sexual Dysfunction?
Stop living in the shadows.
Lame t shirts, or Lame T, is a medical condition known as hypoalgodonadism (hi-po-al-go-do-na-dizm) and can cause symptoms such as: reduced sex drive, reduced energy, and sexual dysfunction, among others. The effects of wearing bad t shirts is often underestimated and misunderstood. The amount of female body inspector impersonators and wearers of glitter ink festooned t shirts is staggering, a silent national crisis. It’s estimated to affect millions of men in the U.S. If you feel you’re experiencing the signs and/or symptoms of Lame T, talk to your doctor or qualified t shirt therapist to learn more about all the signs and symptoms of Lame T and see if you should be tested.

Do not despair! If diagnosed quickly enough this ailment can be quickly and effectively treated. Our patented t shirt replacement therapy (TRT) regime is proven to cure even the most chronically bad t shirts.

Our most recent t shirt replacement therapy victim patient is Vitor Belfort. Why does Vitor qualify for our program. Vitor’s normal shirts often share the theme of lions. Why would this be a problem? Well, it isn’t, unless you consider the most famous lion was known as a coward. And say what you will about Vitor, he’s no coward.

So here is a more accurate representation of Vitor, in all of his synthetically enhanced muscled majesty. This t shirt replacement therapy Vitor (TRTtor) will no doubt, with the help of our skilled therapists, continue his late career resurgence.


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