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Jon Jones signs with new sponsor.

Photo courtesy ReeBacchus

Finally some good news in the Jon Jones saga. Agent extraordinaire Melki Kawa has managed to find a silver lining to Jon’s antics: a new sponsor that embraces Jon’s priorities. And not one of those lame “quit doing drugs and stop acting like an entitled penchant child” rehab sponsors, one that gives him money.

Although being stripped of the UFC light heavyweight championship and being put on indefinite compulsory hiatus is certainly a bummer, if his trip back to his totaled rental vehicle to stuff his underoos with cash is any indication, the real harsh to Jones’ mellow is in his pocketbook. Losing out on headlining what had to the potential to be the pay per view of the year, as well as being let go by two top tier sponsor in Nike and Reebok in the last few month has Jones struggling to maintain the quality of life he’s become accustomed to, especially when considering his recreational drug budget.

With this backdrop, Jones signing a deal with the launching MMA lifestyle brand ReeBacchus is a godsend (a Roman one). This new brand subsidiary of Reebok has taken a cue from brands such as Nike, who lifted their name from the Greek goddess of victory to embody their corporate ethos. As a corporate spokesman explained “Bacchus is the Roman God of wine and intoxication, he is the life of the party.” He added that they company was excited to add Jones to the fold and “proud of Jones for staying true to himself in recent times,” and that they were willing to “pay Jones to do whatev. We actually encourage him to do his particular brand of whatev.”

When reached for comment Jones expressed his relief in the deal, saying “I’ve been getting criticized for years for being two faced. The truth is, I was. I’m just glad that I can finally drop the facade and embrace the real Jon. A coward would sit here and try to make excuses, so I won’t. Anymore. For real this time. Besides, the two faced thing is more of a Janus thing.”

To commemorate this new deal, ReeBacchus is releasing this limited edition T-shirt (pictured above) featuring Jones being Jones. Available soon at stores that sell men’s gold lemme shirts near you. 

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